April 20, 2007

Happy 420 Ya'll!!!

by Moss

Today is a national unofficial holiday
for many millions of Americans, and perhaps peeps around the world. I have known about 420 (at both 4:20 AM and 4:20 PM) going on almost 25 years now. The REAL origin. There have been many theories as to what 420 really means. Some have said it is a police code for being busted for a dime bag, but that is BULL crapski. The real meaning (and acknowledged by the official stoner pub, High Times) names San Rafael High (in Marin County) as the beginning spot for the movement(which is completely TRUE). They mention 1971, but I was only one yrs. old then. I grew up 2 miles from San Rafael and specifically remember some SR skate-rat types telling me about 420 back in 1983. I don't think it started much before then, but on that I could be wrong. I will say according to High Times, they also acknowlege Mt. Tam as an inspiration for gathering on 4/20, usually with a huge blowout (pun intended) at 4:20 PM. Kinda like the Spring Fling for bakers. While I will admit my fondness for 420 has waned slightly since me good olde college daze, I appreciate, respect and honor OUR holiday. Ya can't take this one away from US.

Super Rasta Out and make it a GREAT day!

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