April 19, 2007

Moss' Eye on the World!

- Ornette Coleman Wins Pulitzer Prize for Music.
- Sacto Teens Gone Wild, Stopping Train in Tracks, Drag Conductor Off Train and Beat Him With Rocks and Bottles!
- Yahoo! Aids China In Handing Over Dissident's Personal Info Leading to Arrest.
- Eugene 15 yr. Old Sets Off a Loud, Explosive Garbage-Can-Bomb During School, Freaking Out a Few Students.
- Germs Drummer Busted for Hiding GHB in Dr. Bronner's Bottle, Cops Exonerate Him After Learning Dr. Bronners Was Soap Indeed!
- Fun Little Article About Mischa Barton's Driving Habits.
- 60 yr. Old Woman and 70 yr. Old Man Diving for Abalone Died Around 7 AM Yesterday Morning in Separate Incidents Up In Mendocino 35 miles apart.
- Man Drowns This Morning Up In Point Arena, 3rd Drowning In Mendo in Last 2 Days.

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