May 20, 2007

Summer of Love 40 Years Ago!

by Moss

SF Gate did a great job gathering stories, views, photos, blogs and video for the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love based in San Francisco's Haight - Ashbury neighborhood. You can access most of this yourself on, but I thought I might help some of you's lazier types out a teensy bit by "weeding"(get it?) through the content. Below are some highlights from today's SF Gate.
- 1967.
- Wavy Gravy.
- Grace Slick.
- Mountain Girl (wife of Jerry and Kesey and had children with both).
- Bob Weir Video.
- Country Joe Video.
- David Getz (drummer for Big Brother).
- Alton Kelley (psychedelic poster artist).

There is more too..interviews, videos, blogs....check this out!!