June 30, 2007

Moss' Eye on the World!

- Girl Hurt on Malibu Beach After Two Teens From Kenny G's House Throw Objects Causing Head Injury.
- Internet Hoax Pushes Rush For Hands-Free Cell Phones, Law Doesn't Go Into Effect For a Year.
- History On Trial is a Pretty Cool Blog.
- Huge Mothball Fleet in Suisun Bay Needs To Be Recycled, Fast!
- SFBG Publisher Bruce. B. (my-ex employer) Gets Vilified BY SF Gate.
- Germany is Against New Tom Cruise Film Because of Scientology.
- Bonds Hits #750 Five Away From Hank Aaron's Record.
- Paul McCartney Played Secret Show at Amoeba Records in Hollywood, Click Here to See Numerous Videos on You Tube or Below To View One Clip.