November 19, 2007

Update Pupdate!

by Moss

Hello my peeps. Many things have been going on in the world of moss, keeping me from doing my due diligence here. I hope with the holidaze here that I'll be able to slow down a bit and contribute more content on the olde weberoo site. In the meantime, a couple of things going on in my world.
- U of O Ducks football team made it all the way to #2 with three games left, but Arizona beat them last Thurs. dropping them to #9 and possibly out of the Rose Bowl (also injuring Heisman potential star QB, Dennis Dixon, who is out for the season). Bummer all around, but looks like the U of O basketball team is doing pretty good right now, so all is not lost.
- 58,000 gallon crude oil spill in SF Bay is starting to dissipate after a couple of weeks, but the fallout will be catastrophic for years. Beaches as far away as Drake's Beach in Pt. Reyes are still reeling in the muck.
- Writers Strike in LA is affecting the region, including pickets at Universal Studios (one of my employers).

More updates to follow. Peace out.