June 20, 2008


by Moss

A crazy scene has been playing out over at UC Berkeley the past few days. Tree-sitters took over the Oaks at Memorial Stadium over 18 months ago. The cops and University have let them do there thing with only a few minor skirmishes. All that has changed this last week. The Berkeley PD and University have sent in arborists to kick-out the protesters. Two days ago, a defient protester named, Dumpster Muffin, held the arborists off by standing on top of a jury-rigged post (see photos and videos below). Great stuff! The local TV News helicopters covered it live and it looked at times she was going to jump and/or fall, but somehow she out lasted them. All supplies have been cut-off, so we'll see how much longer this lasts. Check back here at www.worldofmoss.blogspot for updates.

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