July 28, 2008

Naked Cowboy Busted in SF!

by Moss

Some of you may know about the Naked Cowboy from Howard Stern or TV shows like Extra and Entertainment tonight. Yesterday, I was looking out my window in downtown SF and saw the Naked Cowboy. He was taking photos with tourists and had a camera crew and producer following him. I know he is usually in New York, so it was kind of cool to see him in SF. Lo and behold, The New York Post reported today that the Naked Cowboys was arrested a block away from where I saw him (Union Square). This must have happened minutes later. He was charged with performing in a restricted area. How lame is that? Everyday and many nights there are street performers all over the area (sax, trumpet, bucket drums, singers, etc). I guess you can't perform in Union Square though....should have just stayed in front of Walgreens on Powell and O'Farrell.

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