August 24, 2008

Bob's Big Boy Done In Hancock Park!!

She's Got Big Bob's!
Not good at all...need a table?
By Moss

OK, not the biggest story of the year or anything, but I am kinda bummed out about this one. Bob's Big Boy, a legendary eat on Wilshire @ Highland is outski's. This was one of the last Bob's as far as I know (please comment if I am wrong). What's next Pink's?? Somehow when I AM in LA, I always seem to end up working on Wilshire. I even worked directly across the street from Bob's for a few months (mostly hanging at the 7ev-dog and Starbucks next door). But, Bobs's brings back childhood the closing of King Henry VIII drive-in, Old Uncle Gaylord's ice cream store, the DRIVE-IN in San Rafael (long ago replaced by Ross-Dress-For-Less and a couple of shoe and health stores). May Bob's Rest-In-Peace!

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