August 9, 2008

Gettysburg Tree Down But Not Out!

What's left of the Honey Locust Tree... Painting of battle on Cemetery Hill.
Closed for business!
Raw hide skin civil war drums on display.
Bullets found in and around Gettysburg.
Cannon on Cemetery Hill..note the Honey Locust tree in background.
Unknown Soldier #30.
Looking down the barrel.
Creepy viewing platform #1.
Creepy viewing platform #2.
Gettysburg monument.
Live Re-enactment July 2005.

by Moss

The Associated Press reported today that one of the last living witness trees, a Honey Locust tree at Gettysburg has been heavily damaged in a a storm, but is still barely alive. If this tree could talk. She stood right next to Lincoln when he gave his motivating address to the Union as well as seeing countless gruesome deaths. The battle around Seminary Ridge / Cemetery Hill was said to be two-three deep in dead bodies for miles. When I visited in 2005 I couldn't help but get the feeling I had been there before. I asked my father, because we had visited Pennsylvania a few times when I was a child, but he couldn't recall a visit. Weird Deja Vu. Interesting side note - the Americanization of an American monument - there is a McDonalds, Taco Bell and other fast food restaurants lining the entrance to the park. That was the only bummer...but did make for good McNuggets after a long day. The coolest things about the park were the viewing platforms and the re-enactment of a battle. Also, the gift store /museum had some pretty cool relics of clothes, instruments, weapons and military gear on display. Those pics above are photos I took of my day at Gettysburg in July of 2005 during a sponsored trip to Washington DC with a group called "Teaching American History" except for the photo of the tree and the battle painting on top. Ah, the memories...what a great trip! Very inspirational to see the monuments, Smithsonian museums and the free National Zoo.

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