August 19, 2008

Message to Metallica's James Hetfield: Tear Down The Wall!!

I see dead people!

by Moss

Metallica's James Hetfield is a jerk. His decision to put up a Soviet-era wall blocking off a popular hiking, biking and horse trail is wrong and he should tear the wall down. This is not the first time Hetfield has pissed-off his neighbors and the public. Rather this seems like his M.O. This case started back in 1999 when he purchased 500 acres off Lucas Valley Road, next to Lucas' Skywalker Ranch. Since then he has purchased an adjoining ranch to expand his holdings to just under 1000 acres. At one point his neighbors were up in arms (pun intended) over his building a shooting range for his alleged collection of assault rifles and high-caliber semi-automatic weapons. His band, Metallica, which has a practice facility in the canal area of San Rafael, has also courted controversy. Remember the STUPID decision to sue Napster? Gee, you guys really squashed file-sharing!! All one has to do is watch the train wreck in motion documentary, Some Kind of Monster, to realize that Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich are complete jerks. Click here to watch a KGO TV segment about the fence.


Tarma said...

but he has put the wall on his land?

Anonymous said...

Idiot leave James Hetfield alone