September 22, 2008

Seventh Abalone Diver Dies!

by Moss

According to the Press Democrat, the seventh abalone diver of the season has perished, equaling last years numbers, with still two months to go in the season.

A San Francisco man who died while abalone diving Sunday off the Sonoma Coast was identified as Robert T. Stewart, 38 years old.

“His buddies told me that the three of them went out to go abalone diving. They entered at Shell Beach, started swimming out and within about a minute their friend complained he was really tired,” said Sgt. Eric Thomson, who responded to the call for help with the Sonoma County sheriff’s helicopter.

“So they escorted him to this rock about 100 yards off shore,” Thomson said.

They put his hand on the rock, telling him they would just rest. “He just went unconscious,” Thomson was told.

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