September 13, 2008

Sixth Abalone Death on North Coast in 2008!

Canned abalone...yum.
Shuck the mollusk.
Green eggs and abalone.

by Moss

This year proves to be another deadly abalone season off of the Northern Coast of California. On Friday a man died while abalone diving with a couple of friends near Sea Ranch. Last year there were seven deaths for the season (ending Nov. 30th). Abalone is a delicacy, served all over the world. It's numbers are dwindling, while demand is high. It is common for poachers to get busted, including rings that sell directly to restaurants in the Bay Area, as well as exporting to other states and countries.
Poaching articles / websites for your viewing pleasure:
- Sonoma County Abalone Network.
- Black Market Abalone.
- Oakland Tribune - Poachers Busted in SF.
- CNN - Asian Abalone Poachers Busted in California.
- NY Times - Poachers Endangering Abalone Population in South Africa.
- Alastair Bland - Abalone Pirates.

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