December 1, 2008

Jerry Garcia Documentary

by Moss

Jerry Garcia Documentary - "Can't Take It With You" - This is an interesting documentary on Jerry Garcia, with viewpoints from his daughter, Annabelle Garcia (who I know from San Rafael and Eugene, OR), Carolyn "Mountain Girl" Kesey-Garcia, Sunshine Kesey (side note: Ken Kesey and Mountain Girl had a daughter Sunshine, who I also know from classes and friends at University of Oregon in Eugene, before she had Annabelle and another daughther, Trixie), Doug Irwin and Deborah Koons Garcia (Jerry's last wife and executor of his estate). If you thought Jerry's family life was all warm and fuzzy, just check out this documentary. It goes to show his last wife was / is a gold-digger with little sympathy for the rest of his family.

Part I

Part II

Part III
Part IV

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