January 16, 2009

by Moss

An old penny is sometimes good to find,
though outdated and tainted with rust,
a penny a day keeps me happy,
sometimes I just look at the rust.

And feel, outdated, like sitting on a bench,
New York City, not too different from Mendocino,
Other than oceans and sharks and redwood trees,
Like all places, there are bees and trees and cows and brows.

Washington square....beware.
My time in NY...my brows were arched.
Love the speakeasy's, like the old red wine,
hate the spit and hate the grime.

I found an old penny on Bowery street,
It was next to CBGB's where Bleeker meets,
It was also next to an abandoned stove,
One heel from a stilleto, and a leather bag.

Next time I visit, the olde arcade,
I swear I'll bring my tabasco, and three sticks,
Two for one reason and the other for kicks,
Like a blank, concrete, baseketball court.

Don't need tires, don't need brakes,
But when I find a penny in the streets, I pray.
Bronze, silver, sewage and grey,
But when I find a penny in the streets, I pray.

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