May 17, 2009

Bay to Breakers 2009

San Francisco Bay to Breakers - 2009

by Moss

So, the only in "SF" Bay to Breakers happened earlier today. This annual race (more like booze walk) was threatened this year. The organizers banned alcohol, nudity, floats, music, etc. They changed their tune a couple of weeks ago to allow floats and nudity...but no kegs, etc.

So, it was with my viewing, voyeuristic - pleasure that I found the 2009 race with full on debauchery. There were kegs, nudity, floats, great costumes, and lots of SF spirit...the way it should be. This was at 8 AM in the morning. It reminded me of a frat party on foot. Although there were middle aged and older folks...the majority were the 20-30 college/cubicle crowd, with a fair amount of artists thrown in.

Being so close to the area, I decided to stroll down and check it out. This was a "hot" day to begin with (temp-wise). I was already overheated by 9 AM and I was not even running the race. I did run it though, in 1983 with my family, when I was 13. It was pretty crazy then....but now a-days-its almost out of control. Here are a few photos of me and some nude racers.....please note I took a lot video so a "movie" is sure to follow soon.


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