March 21, 2010

Plastiki Sets Sail on 12,000 Mile Journey

by Moss

Ever been real near something very cool and not know it was happening? That happened to me the other day when I was in Sausalito. I went to a little spit near the Clipper Yacht Club to take a walk, when I noticed at the far end of the marina a catamaran berthed to a seldom used pier. I checked it out with my binoculars and it looked pretty much like one of the many other regular sailboats in and around the harbor. I was astonished the next day when I read in the paper about the Plastiki, the boat I was checking out. Today, the Plastiki left Sausalito headed for Australia, 12,000 nautical miles away. This boat is made out of thousands of plastic bottles and also includes a hydroponic garden, excercise bike that powers electronics, solar panels, wind and sea turbines and other cool technological advances. The voyage is to include some relatives of Thor Hyderdahl's raft, the Kon Tiki, along with members of the Scripps Institute and the captain of the ship, David de Rothschild. Good luck and bon voyage!

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