October 26, 2010

Pacific Crest Trail OR American Discovery Trail?

by Moss

Because I am by "trade" a teacher, at least a substitute teacher (off and on since 10/01) I allow myself to dream up various places to go, see, visit and/or live in my off time (summers, christmas holiday and spring break). Next year I was thinking about beginning a major thru hike or thru bike of either the Pacific Crest Trail or the American Discovery Trail. Someday I would also like to drive coast to coast along the Lincoln Highway (but that is getting ahead of myself). So my dear and precious readers...what do you think? The PCT would be a little more manageable and I have been on parts of the trail before. However, the idea of traveling coast to coast along the ADT is also pretty appealing. I could even ride my bike for that one (except for 850 of the 6500 miles)...and it begins on this side of the coast at Limatour beach (at the far end of PT. Reyes National Seashore), just a hop, skip and jump away. HMMMNN....both are daunting tasks that take anywhere from 6 to 8 months to plan. Never to early to plan a get away...who knows maybe I won't want to stop once I'm out there!

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