October 10, 2010

SF Giants and Oregon Ducks!!

by Moss

Hello my peeps. First of all notice the date...it's actually 10-10-10 today...wowser. As my loyal readers will know, Moss follows only a few sports and at that only a few teams. My sports include: tennis, golf, pro baseball when it is the SF Giants, pro football when the Niners are playing and college baseketball and football when the Oregon Ducks play. And folks, that is about it. Ocassionally I'll catch a Raiders game or something...but it is rare. The reason I mention it is because two of my teams are doing GREAT at the moment. Let's start with the Ducks...man am I proud of that team, especially after last years disappointment in the Rose Bowl. The Ducks are currently #2 in the country!!! That is HUGE! Secondly, the Giants made the playoffs and play again this afternoon against the Atlanta Braves. The series is tied at 1-1. Wouldn't that be something if the Giants made it to the World Series (and won) and the Ducks made it back to the Rose Bowl (and won)??

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