November 16, 2011

New Sheriff in Town - Moss with Ross

by Moss

There's a new sheriff in town! This photo of Moss and our new SF Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi was taken on election day, at the corner of 9th and Irving (Inner Sunset, SF, CA). Mirkarimi, who won the ranked-choice (or is it "rank") election last week was elected after serving as a progressive SF Supervisor.
We also have a new mayor, Ed Lee, who seems like an OK guy, but promised not to run and is currently caught up in a possible illegal election fraud situtation (not necessarily by his own doing). Mirkarimi, on the other hand, has always pretty much been a straight-shooter (in my mind). I even once almost volunteered to work in his Supervisorial office, but backed out at the last minute. Anyway, with the Occupy SF movement, Black Bloc, protesters, Sureno vs. Norteno and black on black gang violence, recent Hells Angels related killings (ok, not technically in SF proper, but close enough), random violence on Muni and city streets, iphone and ipad "grab n' runs", The 1%'ers America's Cup fiasco, tax breaks for ultra-rich pre-IPO corporations like Twitter, etc., they both have their work cut out for them in the immediate future.

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