March 10, 2012

Gold Dust Lounge To Remain Open Until Judge Rules

by Moss

One of Moss' favorites, The legendary Gold Dust Lounge (a frequent hangout of the late-great Herb Caen among others) will remain open for now against the wishes of the dastardly John Handlery (landlord) and Sam Singer (PR Flack).
Moss, who used to live exactly one block away, has spent many a great night singing along with the piano bar band. This awesome house band (or more like lounge band), lug around huge versions of the "real" and "fake" books, always take requests and do "Honesty" by Bill Joel almost better than any band I've seen (and I've seen quite a few in my day). While other bars in the neighborhood were pretty lame after awhile, like the closed "Union Square Sports Bar" the Gold Dust was welcoming, inclusive and a rockin' good time for tourists and locals alike. Moss hopes the Gold Dust Lounge continues for another hundred years. Cheers, salute and bottoms up!!

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