March 6, 2012

Note To UC Berkeley Lamda Phi Epsilon: Would Your Like Your Hazing Letter Back?

by Moss

OK, I find some pretty weird shit out at Ocean Beach (SF,CA) including decapitated chickens, cult/ devil worshipping, knives, tons of lighters, etc. But this one caught me off guard. Below is the actual 2 page printout I found last week. Where you see brackets like this <>, those are penciled in names and notes. The instructions below were written by someone at Lamda Phi Epsilon, most likely the UC Berkeley chapter. I looked online and they are not recognized by UC Berkeley due to previous hazing incidents, so it shouldn't come as a super surprise that they still haze their potential "brothers." Please note typos are theirs (even though they are UC material) like using "there" instead of "their", etc. If anyone would like a copy of the actual note, just email me at:


Punish them if there late. Drill times of the essence. Be on time (10 LPhiE for every minute they are late).

Bag check. Don't have to be like a class, but make sure they do it on time. Punish if they aren't on time (5 minutes).

Introduction to Bid Night by the president, "Welcome to the beginning of Pledge period..."
No more bs. It starts right now.

Consistently remind them to work as a class. Pledge period is not about the individual. It's about the class. We do not cross individuals. You are not going to make it through pledge period by yourself.

Drive to beach.

Light Grass Drills (15 minutes)
Remind the pledges the basics grass drills that were taught at Founding Fathers. The drills should be extremely easy. (5 max)

Medium Grass Drills (15 minute)
Now that they are warmed up, give them a feel what grass drills feel like. Tell them pledge period starts tonight. The drills should be medium level; don't go crazy. (10 max)

Follow the Flash Light (10 minutes)
Depending on the situation with the cops in the area, an active will point the flashlight to the ground and run around. When the light stops moving all the pledges have to jump on the light. You end it by having all the pledges go under the light. Tell them they need to work as a class and be a unit. The only way the event will end is if they run together as a class and touch the light. Make sure not to point the light in the sky or up too high, otherwise it may be seen from far away and get us in trouble.

Hard Grass Drills (15 minutes) <1. Box + letter person 2. someone to drag them. Taylor and Jincho, Patric, Mike and Jeff>
During these grass drills, actives will out one pledge at a time, and make them write the letters of our House. Keep doing this until everyone has been pulled out. (15 max). Make them second guess themselves on the letters. Destroy the confidence. BE DISCREET WHEN PULLING THE PLEDGES OUT. DON'T LET THEM KNOW.

Earn Water -
Ask who wants to earn water to step up. Then send him back. Ask the class why they all didn't step up. Tell them they are doing this for their pledge bros. Everyone did the same excercise is tired. Don't be selfish. As again and and pick some one. Make sure they get water on the first try. Tell the class that they should encourage their pledge bro. Tell the class that he is doing it for them!!!!

Stock Market (10 minutes)
Have the pledges do stock market push-ups. Their intensity level should be moderately high. Let the other actives get at the pledges, and comment them on their performance. Have the big bro SHOULD encourage them. There should be no swearing at the pledges. During this time, pull out one pledge to learn the Pledge Credo. 1, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4

Digging of Letters (45 minutes) - 3 tries
Then explain their task. They need to know the house letters that they are crossing into. It's unacceptable it they cross and don't know the letters of the house.

They will start building the letters, 6 inches wide and 6 inches deep. To start with give them 10 minutes. After the time limit is up, ask the captain if the class is proud of the letters. Punish them for not finishing on time, with medium grass drills. As they are digging make them recite the Pledge Credo.

Actives should stand around and comment to the pledges, but they SHOULD NOT BE YELLING. When the actives yell, no once can hear the pledge oath, and it makes it harder for the pledges to learn the oath that way.

Rolling (10 minutes) <- Robert>
Make them roll and pull pledeges out to go in the water. Pull when they are rolling around. AGAIN BE DISCREET PULLING THEM OUT.

Ask the class how strong they are. Actives will be standing in front of them. Let them answer then say no. Do this a few times. If they don't get it then make them count out loud. Then make they count out loud several times until they get it. Then they try to run active should tell them to stop and tell them "what are you doing". If they don't listen then just shine the light at the pledges in the water.

Congratulate them on completing bid night, chant their class name. Have one inspirational active talk to them, ask them what they learned.

REMEMBER, tonight we emphasize CLASS EFFORT. Reminding them that this is the start of pledge period. No more BS or half assing. You will not cross without your full effort, without pushing your limits above and beyond what they've ever been before. Tell them they would not have thought possible at the beginning of pledge period - merely 2 weeks ago - that they'd accomplish what they've just done tonight Stress PERSONAL and CLASS CHARACTER: Lamda Phi Epsilon is the elite and we have good reason to pride ourselves on who we are. Leaders arise through dedication and action. Prove to us, and PROVE TO YOURSELVES your manhood.


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