June 21, 2012

Haight St. Fair 2012 - SF, CA

by Moss

Moss had a great time at the legendary Haight Street Fair this year. Moss has been a bunch of times before, but this year landed "backstage." Two bands Moss came to see in particular were playing back to back on the main stage. The Tubes...and Chuck Prophet. Both were great...super cool guys too. Moss has met the guys from the Tubes before, when he opened up for them in the early 1990's. The Tubes put on a terrific show, with Fee changing outfits no less than five times. Moss was hanging with Kyle (the drummer for Chuck Prophet's band...super cool guy and the guy who gave me the backstage pass). Also a couple of additional photos below. Hope you enjoy.
Moss with Chuck Prophet (below left).Moss with Prairie Prince (legendary drummer for The Tubes)Prairie Prince in action...from backstage.
Moss with Ross Mirkarimi
Fee Waybill Wearing The Old Quayludes Costume.
Reality Check TV Guys...find the link to their site on Moss's Mega Links Listeroo (lower right hand side of this very blog).

Kyle (one of two drummers for Chuck Prophet's band).

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