September 5, 2012

Drummer Questions - Ludwig, Paiste??

This post came from the this link here, by a one named Paul E. on 1/9/2005. I have also wondered the same questions, so I figured I would throw it out there to ya'll.
Can you help settle some arguments among some of my percussionist friends? How do you pronounce some of these popular percussion brand names?

Do you pronounce "Ludwig" as LOOD-wig, LOOD-vig, or LUD-wig?

Do you pronounce "Paiste" with one syllable like Paste (rhymes with "taste") or with two syllables like PASTE-ee?

Do you pronounce "Zildjian" as ZILL-juhn, ZILL-jain, or ZUHL-juhn?

Do you pronounce "Sabian" as SAY-bi-uhn or SAH-bi-uhn?

Sheesh..Fender and Gibson are easy...but there is Takamine? (Moss addition)!

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