February 5, 2011

Solar Ovens, Living Off The Grid and Other Fun Things!

by Moss

Moss has been doing quite a bit of research into living off the grid...most recently learning the fine art of solar cooking...using solar ovens and various Jerry-Rigged (or is the jury-rigged) items to produce power via the SUN!! Packable solar cookers can be made from a mix of cardboard, metallic auto sunshades, Mylar or aluminum bubble wrap, Mylar sheets, foil, chip bags, aluminum flashing, space blankets, plastic bottles, plastic bake bags and other materials.While learning about cool ovens and different ways to live off the grid I have come across some cool photos worth sharing. Don't be shy about telling Moss what you think!!

This cool self-contained island (above), Spiral Island is basically "a floating artificial island in a lagoon near Puerto Aventuras, on the Caribbean coast of Mexico south of Cancun." The island sported a two-story house, a solar oven, a self-composting toilet, and three beaches. He used some 250,000 bottles for the 66ft (20 m) by 54 ft (16 m) structure. The mangroves were planted to help keep the island cool, and some of them rose up to 15 ft (5 m) high.
Beers bottles used as a solar power source (below).
Classic pizza box solar oven...can't you smell those chocolate chip cookies?
Panel cooker type using car window shade visor.
Box solar cooker.Parabolic solar cooker made using an upside down umbrella, aluminum foil and flower pot (above).
The Chinese governemt designed this one at a research center, it is said to boil water in 20 minutes (below).


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