July 23, 2012

Ross Landing, CA

by Moss
There used to be a town in Marin called "Ross Landing." It was a major port for shipping, way before the Army Corps cemented over The Corte Madera Creek. There also used to be a swim and tennis club at that location in the 1970's, called coincidentally, "Ross Landing Swim and Tennis Club." Now it is the site of Ross Valley Storage, on the corner of SFD Blvd. and College Ave in Kentfield. According to Wikapedia...In 1857, James Ross (1812–1862) bought Rancho Punta de Quentin. Ross, a Scot who had arrived in San Francisco from Australia in 1848 and made his fortune in the wholesale liquor business, set up a trading post called "Ross Landing". Steamers would come up Corte Madera Creek to the landing there. Albert Emmet Kent bought the land from the Ross estate in 1871. Kent built an estate called Tamalpais, later applied to the settlement by the railroad. The named was changed to Kent in the 1890s, and finally to Kentfield with the opening of the first post office in 1905. People also used to swim in Corte Madera Creek before it got all nasty.

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