March 10, 2010

World of Moss Book Club!

by Moss

Over the past six months to a year I have torn into over a dozen biographies and autobiographies, which I thought I would share with you all. Some of them read better than others. Here are the top few.

1. Too Fat to Fish - Artie Lange - Good read, kinda sad...a little heavy on certain gigs and light on others. Since the book came out, Artie stabbed himself in the stomach over 6 times with a butcher knife in an apparent suicide Attempt.

2. Scar Tissue - Anthony Keidis - The Red Hot Chilli Pepper takes us through his wild childhood into a dark place, mostly dealing with his constantly falling off the wagon and searching high and low for his next fix. Enjoyed parts, but light on stories about songs, tours, band meetings and heavy on drug use.

3. Outlaw Journalist - The life of Good Doctor, Hunter S. Thompson.

4. Sleeping Lady - Robert Graysmith - About the Trailside Killer who terrorized Marin and Santa Cruz in the 70's. Interesting note, last week SFPD linked a cold case murder to him via his DNA.

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